Transforming from restaurant professionals to disinfectant entrepreneurs

Utilizing cleaning skills and knowledge from the restaurant industry, this dynamic duo created a disinfectant service to help businesses and homes combat COVID-19.

Pivoting from the restaurant industry to the disinfectant business may seem like a drastic shift for many, but for Thach Tran and Dustin O’Connell—it made perfect sense.

Tran, Ace Eat Serve Executive Chef, and O’Connell, Joy Hill Bar Manager made the decision to join forces to launch Mile High Disinfectant Services. 

Utilizing their cleaning skills and knowledge from their time in the restaurant industry, the two began to create their disinfectant service weeks before COVID-19 regulations were implemented. For many businesses owners and service workers, these new regulations resulted in numerous Colorado businesses ceasing their traditional operations.

O’Connell explained to ABC’s The Denver Channel the rationale behind the entrepreneurial pivot:

“‘You spend all of that time, late at night cleaning your kitchen or cleaning your bar or hanging out while other professional teams come in. It’s nice to be able to take that time and effort we’ve invested in the behind the scenes parts of our day jobs and turn them into something we can leverage and do on the side during times that we can’t work,’ said O’Connell.”

Mile High Disinfectant Services cleans home and business surfaces using an aerosolized disinfection called HDQ. Mile High disperses HDQ with an atomizing fogger for minimal down time and long lasting protection. 

Their website claims, “This disinfecting fog is non-toxic and safe for food contact surfaces, does not require cleanup post-application, and is used to cover all surfaces in any room or environment up to 30 feet high.”

Many Colorado workers have found creative ways to stay in work, while existing businesses have crafted innovative solutions to stay open in the wake of COVID-19.

How has your business transformed during the pandemic?

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