From fashion design to making COVID-19 cloth masks

To support her business and help the community stay safe from COVID-19, Mona Lucero has started designing cloth face masks.

Textiles, fashion, and retail workers have watched their industries come to a screeching halt with social distancing and other state regulations. 

As a result, many Colorado fashion designers have turned to making cloth face masks to support their business and help the community combat the novel coronavirus. 

CBS Denver interviewed Denver designer Mona Lucero on her business’s transition.

“‘Business will change and it will get better and I think it’s probably going to get stronger because of this.’
‘It is an opportunity for all of us to continue in our businesses but not exactly in the same way. One thing that I love about this is that they are playful,’
The rent and utilities were still due when [Lucero] closed her shop and she even had an employee she paid for some projects. The timing came when customers are looking to retailers to enjoy a change in seasons, spring invites a look for brighter colors and an update to the wardrobe. But for the past few weeks she has kept busy making masks for customers. Using cotton fabric leftover from pieces she made in the past, there are a range of patterns to help customers personalize their face masks.
‘They kind of make you feel a little bit more cheery during this time,” Lucero said. ‘I don’t think it has to be completely a dreary time.’”

Learn more about Mona Lucero’s mask making efforts with CBS Denver’s in-depth coverage of the story. Read more here.

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