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Safety Is Our Superpower™

Connect with a Pinnacol safety expert

Businesses are facing new challenges and working to manage the impacts of COVID-19.

As we all navigate a way forward, Pinnacol is here to help you protect your business and keep your employees safe.

Connect with a safety expert virtually to:

  • Learn how to keep your employees safe in changing environments or in new job roles.
  • Get recommended COVID-19 safety resources.
  • Identify and mitigate unique hazards related to your operations.

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The contents presented on this website are solely for purposes of providing general information and not intended to be exhaustive or to represent or replace employers’ legal obligations or standards. Pinnacol recognizes that businesses are unique and complex, and this site should only be considered to be a tool for understanding workplace safety. Recommendations are dependent on a variety of factors and should not be considered to be exhaustive.